Philosophy of Circle for Original Thinking

“The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think.”

– Gregory Bateson

Imagine a world in which people think like nature works — in harmony with the rest of creation. A world like this would be more peaceful and fulfilling; kind and compassionate; beautiful and sacred. This is because Nature acts in ways that are whole and complete. If this more beautiful and sacred world is one that you envision, then we invite your participation in Circle for Original Thinking.

The mission of Circle for Original Thinking is to seek out the deep origins of contemporary thought in order to remember and restore heart-centered wisdom for humanity and all our relations on Earth. The vision of Circle for Original Thinking is to restore thinking to its origins and full spectrum — in keeping with the way Nature thinks. We are assisted in this process by remembering that the pulse of the human heart is one with the heart of Nature and that all of Nature is alive and aware, our deep kin, and worthy of respect.  Thinking then becomes inclusive — incorporating intuition, logic, feeling, expanded sensory awareness, and a larger sense of “what wants to happen.”


“After Visiting with Grandma Flordemayo”

The way we think creates our world. In modern times, we have become adept at separation and analysis but we no longer see the forest for the trees. This is a literal truth when it comes to the destruction of the rainforest, being cut down at a frightening rate of 150 acres every minute. There is no justifiable rationale for destruction of the rainforest, which serve as the lungs of Mother Earth. We are not “making a living” by doing this, because without trees we couldn’t breathe and we (the human race and many other species) would become extinct.

To change the world, we have to change our thinking. We must change our thinking processes that have led us to imagine that economics is separate from ecology; that we are separate from Nature; separate from each other; and separate from the wisdom of our ancestors. We must create organizations that get to the deepest roots of our thinking, roots that interconnect various wisdom traditions. Circle for Original Thinking is dedicated to being a role model for other such organizations.

We are now at a critical juncture in human history. The way we think and the way we relate with the Earth is changing. For millennia, we understood the planet to be a radically interconnected, self-renewing whole that included us. We gave back to the Earth in sacred reciprocity. In the past few centuries, however, we objectively studied the Earth, withdrawing our emotional involvement. This enabled great scientific invention, but disabled our connection with life. Mother Nature became an object that we bought, sold, and fought wars over. The objectification of Earth also led to rampant pollution. We are not only at war with each other; we are at war with Mother Earth. Human despoliation of the water, soil, and atmosphere will be our undoing if we do not change the way we think and act.

How can we change? As counterintuitive as it may sound, we must begin from a place of gratitude, in appreciation for the blessings we have, watering those seeds we want to continue growing.

The origin of thinking is thanking. In many languages, including English, there is a relationship between thinking and thanking or acts of gratitude. This is why we playfully say that Circle for Original Thinking is not a think tank but a thank tank. It is a thank tank because we begin in wholeness. We see the world as a blessing. Our very thoughts were once a sacred offering to Creator. It is in this spirit that Circle for Original Thinking is being launched.

Think tanks that address particular problems in society can have a positive influence, but they can also perpetuate a worldview of fragmented thinking. Moreover, most think tanks are supported by special interests that seek to limit social debate and frame public policy. We are different. We are an inclusive, grass-roots organization that honors the ancient and modern, feminine and masculine, Indigenous, Eastern and Western philosophies through their deep, interconnected roots.

Our only special interest is in the surviving and thriving of humanity and all our relations. We are all in this together. It is for this reason that cross-cultural dialogue is integral to our mission.

Dialogue has the potential to provide a new vision filled with possibilities rather than limitations. The most important thing about dialogue is listening —and listening for the purpose of understanding rather than simply to persuade. Dialogue is inherently inclusive. To help us fulfill our mission, we envision a grass roots movement of people coming together to form deep dialogue circles that collectively restore a vision of a more beautiful and sacred world.

Our purpose is to shift and shape thinking towards wisdom and wholeness — and to bring this heart-centered wisdom into contemporary society. In addition to dialogue circles, we plan to conduct wholistic scientific research in the spirit of the ancients who learned from the patterned integrity in Nature; publish creative papers, books, poetry; and organize conferences, ceremonies, transformational seminars, concerts, and other multi-media events.

We invite your participation and support in this inspired and comprehensive vision. Membership is open to all. To join the Circle for Original Thinking, click here or write us at:

Circle for Original Thinking
12231 Academy NE #307-244
Albuquerque, NM USA 87111


Member Benefits

Annual membership is $50 (less than $5 a month). If you support our vision of a better world, we are grateful. We invite all members to listen to the Circle for Original Thinking podcast and join Circle for Original Thinking events. Members also receive a Comprehensive Guide to the books Original Thinking and Original Politics that includes instruction for how to form your own dialogue circle.  A contribution of $100 or more includes a signed copy of the book Original Politics by Glenn Aparicio Parry as a token of our gratitude.

In closing, remember the origin of thinking is thanking and THANK YOU for your good thoughts and support. In return, MAY YOU AND ALL YOUR RELATIONS BE BLESSED.

Glenn Aparicio Parry
Circle for Original Thinking
AND Original Steering Committee Members: Carole Hart; Kennedy Braden; Mark Burrows; Victoria Hanchin