Kennedy Braden

Kennedy Hassett Braden is a founding board member of the Circle for Original Thinking, and the founder and creator of The Evolutionary Heart, a licensed coach and associate of HeartMath Institute, an Emissary of The Resonance Project Foundation and Academy, Peace Ambassador consulting with peace projects including Nobel Peace nominee Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish and involved from inception with the Global Coherence Initiative. She is also a master teacher of Dr. Robert Masters’ Psychophysical Re-education and Psychospiritual Integration model, Dr Jean Houston’s methodology and key lead at Kinship Institute, a template for multilevel healing and innovative research and training. Kennedy was named as a Female Visionary Author for Brave Heart Women global network and consults with companies in leadership from the heart and creating coherency in the culture.

She has presented internationally on the technologies of the heart and Cosmology/Biology Resonance and has been recognized as a Somatic Visionary for her work FlightWave and integrative movement. She is an award winning artist poet, dancer and author of the forthcoming books: It’s All Dots, All We (for children) and HeartWaves, a volume of ecstatic poetry. Kennedy believes we are all visionaries and an integral link in the Continuum of the Cosmos.