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“All our thoughts are seeds we plant in our consciousness. This is a good time to water the seeds we want to see grow in the world, and to give them the light, air, and soil they need to thrive. This is a good time to become more aware of what it is we really have been praying for – and by that I mean what it is we think most about and put most of our attention toward doing – for this will be the harvest we manifest.”


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An open forum for fresh ideas and timeless wisdom applied to today’s political and ecological challenges. Each week Glenn brings together creative thinkers from a variety of different traditions to discuss humanity’s balance with the natural world …

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Original Thinking invites you to re-experience your own ground of being and your relationship to Cosmos not as an informational retrieval process but as a profound journey of discovery.”

— James O’Dea, author of The Conscious Activist and former president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

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The Circle for Original Thinking is an inclusive, grass-roots think tank. Our mission is to seek out the deep origins of contemporary thought in order to remember and restore heart-centered wisdom for humanity and all our relations on Earth. We accomplish our mission through intercultural dialogue circles, ceremonies, workshops, and conferences in partnership with like-minded organizations. We invite your participation and support. Membership is open to all.


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Original Politics:
Making America Sacred Again

To recreate a whole and sacred America, it is important to piece together the forgotten fragments of history that are currently keeping the country divided. Just as a traditional Native American potter begins a new pot with shards of old pots—to honor the ancestors and bring the energies of the past into the present—Original Politics reassembles the nation as a whole out of the seemingly disparate shards from our origins. The most significant forgotten piece is the profound effect Native America had on the founding values of this nation.



Devolution and the Supreme Court

I see the sacred destiny of the United States as becoming an increasingly inclusive, multicultural nation. It is not united by sameness, which is how fascist...

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SEEDing Change: A Retrospective of the Language of Spirit Dialogues

Between 1999-2011, the SEED Institute held an annual conference that brought together a meeting of the minds between quantum physicists, Native American scholars, and linguists to discuss the underlying principles of the Universe, not from an adversarial point of view, but out of mutual respect for the differences in world views.