A Visionary Heart: From Resonance to Radiance

Jun 17, 2014

 by Kennedy Braden 

We are in a time like no other. It is a time familiar yet unknown, what we have waited for yet pulled back from. We are emerging out of the darkest moments of humankind into the greatest opening of the heart.

We stand between these two worlds. One world is what we have been indoctrinated with deeply: the world of 3D space time. The other world is beyond our conditioned concepts of space time; we sense it but it is often feels just out of reach to our everyday consciousness. Yet, this new world is where we are going and we are experiencing this shift as we are co-creating it. We see the old patterns of belief in separation dissolving while we are birthing the vibrational codes of Unity, Oneness and a New World. We feel the falling away of structures, personal and social, at once with fear and delight!

Steady ground

Where is the steady ground that is strong enough, the spirit that is deep enough, the sanctuary where Truth resounds its timeless tone?





Ours is a journey through the gateway/singularity of the heart to the Divine Matrix of all possibilities and existence. It is here where our vital visions are born and ideas blossom with depth and exponential power. It is here where openings are created to the deep waters of our souls and we return to the Radiance of the Heart and the infinite connectivity of all we are. It is here where we embody our deepest presence.

Turning Point

This is a time when endings and beginnings merge in a way never known before. We are turning the corner from darkness into light. It may seem that we are at a point of separation — but, in reality, we are at the edge of a great choice point to come Home together. This is the time to deeply know our oneness and to cultivate Peace, Love, Honor, Kindness, and Heart-based living. Each of us in our own way is receiving the Call to change. The power of the heart and heart based feeling is the language that speaks to the Field that surrounds us ,that is us, and may very well be our true voice that changes everything. We get to know the power of Love and its collective effect upon the world, the present and future of our beloved planet.

Will you change it?

Stresswaves to Heartwaves

Ordinary intelligence to heart intelligence

Closure to openness

Conventional thinking to Wisdom and Grace

Separation to Communion

From Resonance to Radiance!

Visionary Practice

Connect with your heart by placing your hand in the center of your chest and focus there

Deepen into suspended luminous Infinite heart

Rest in this radiance and connectivity


Kennedy Hassett Braden,a founding board member of the Circle for Original Thinking, has introduced Evolutionary Heart/Infinity practices globally, is an Emissary for The Resonance Project Foundation/Academy,International Peace Ambassador,licensed HeartMath coach,author/speaker/poet/dancer.