Apr. 26, 2017: Science, Technology, and Creativity: How they Impact our Essential Humanness

Apr 14, 2017

IONS Taos Group Dialogue
WHEN: Wednesday, April 26th, 2017, 11am
WHERE: Unity Church, 69 Blueberry Hill Rd. Taos, NM.

In today’s fast-paced world, we are trying to keep up with more than time — but with technology. But what is the impact of technology on the way we think, the way we know, and the way we express our creativity?

Science is supposed to be about exploring the unknown, and technology the application of the known. But have the lines become so blurred that we are dependent upon machines to tell us what is true?

Is all technology like the computer that only gives us what we have already conceptualized in some form beforehand – what has been pre-programmed in? If so, do our preconceptions, biases and world views predetermine what we end up looking for and eventually discovering? Join us as we address one of the most pressing challenges to our essential humanness today: the impact of technology upon science and creativity.

A dialogue circle is an inherently inclusive method of group knowledge construction based on deep listening. The purpose of dialogue is to expose unexamined assumptions, biases, and peculiar perspectives that silently inform our belief systems, opening pathways for fresh and original insights.

Glenn Aparicio Parry is the author of the Nautilus award winning book, Original Thinking: A Radical Revisioning of Time, Humanity, and Nature (North Atlantic Books). The founder and president of SEED Institute, Parry is currently the president of the think tank: Circle for Original Thinking.