The Old is Now: Creating a Shift Towards Wholeness Through Dialogue

Feb 11, 2015

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[blockquote]You were born into a culture that was already in existence when you came in, but you came in order so that you could meet the challenges of that time in your history with your people. And you brought with you certain gifts….and those gifts specifically were given to you by Mother Earth, Father Sky….I have a responsibility to say this to you. Ceremony will never be lost, can never be lost; it was never lost; it belongs to you; it was given to you. At any point if there is any danger that it may be lost, someone will be born into your tribe who will have the gift, who will have the answers, and you will know what to do. I believe this, also at the global level, that there are people perhaps who are waiting to come over who already know what needs to happen. They’re coming with those gifts. I think all of you in this room are here because you are supposed to be here today. You bring with you certain gifts that the planet needs now, not 200 years from now or 200 years back. You are all carrying something that we can only do together, because it’s a combination of all of us on the Earth at this time that is going to make a significant difference. Otherwise, we might have been born a thousand years from now….You are all receiving special blessings because of where you placed yourselves, where you are now, and what you are doing.

–Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow)[/blockquote]

Joseph Rael spoke these important words at the 2001 SEED Graduate Institute Language of Spirit conference, an annual conference which has brought together Native elders and Western scientists in dialogue at SEED Graduate Institute since 1999…