Circle for Original Thinking Membership

We invite your participation and support in this inspired and comprehensive vision. Membership is open to all at whatever level you can afford, and all contributing members have access to our full range of services. Of course, the more you are able to participate and support us, the faster we will grow and the more we will be able to achieve our purpose in the world. All projects require energy to produce; most projects require some seed money; and some projects require more money than others, such as the organization of conferences and the conducting of scientific research. We pledge to reward your commitment to us in sacred reciprocity to you and to all our relations.


All members receive a comprehensive guide to the book Original Thinking including instructions for forming your own dialogue circles.  Memberships at the $100 level and more include  a signed copy of Original Politics and Original Thinking by Glenn Aparicio Parry.

For a limited time, all new members will also receive a free “Making America Sacred Again” hat.

All contributing members have access to:

  • Circle for Original Thinking podcast
  • Intercultural Dialogue Circles and Special Events
  • News and Announcements
  • Articles and Blogs by Glenn Aparicio Parry
  • Ongoing Dialogues
  • Member discounts on Webinars, Seminars, workshops, and more
  • Submitting scientific and creative papers for review

You are invited to participate at a contribution level that suits you.

If you prefer to mail in a check, please print out this form to accompany your payment.